DS-900 takes on a new interpretation of the classic rocking chair, redefining both the shape, the function and the use.

The chair takes its shape from a three-dimensional endless line, stylistically marked by a distinctive piping which also serves as a technical connecting point for all the upholstered parts. Standing steady on its feet, the furniture‘s rolling curves and generous volume surrounds the person sitting in it, opening only to the front to reveal its thin and elegant runners. The seat and back cushions uncompromisingly offer a rounded, soft comfort that remains present for every rocking position.

Contrary to the confident, wide-stanced appearance of the chair, the rocking function is intentionally elegantly reserved. The chair rocks just so; makes you think, keeps you awake while reading and proactively supports the sitting.

This chair will not be rocking on any country porch, instead it brings its kind and function into the modern living spaces, lounges and lobbies.

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